Fashion and CADS

Clothing – Ackermans

Graphics and CADS for Ackermans’ boyswear brands.

Designed according to buyers’ specs.

I did all illustration and designs (using CorelDraw).


Ribbed Golfer with distressed graphic and applique

Turq Golfer graphic

Detail of design – graphic designed with lettering as an applique


T-shirt CAD with illustrated graphic

Graphic on T

Enlarged view of illustrated graphic

All-over T

All-over/repeat Tee

Graphic Sneakers

Detail of graphic (all-over)


Monster T

Monster Rock T-shirt Design

Monster Rock 2

Enlarged detail of illustrated graphic

Flat Beat City Boys T

Boys T-shirt with graphic

Flat Beat Graphic

Detail of graphic

All-over Tee for Boys

All-over Tee for Boys


All-over/repeat T-shirt design

Detail of all-over graphic..



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