Street Photography

The people behind the windows

Things I learned shooting window shots on the street


  1. If you’re scared of taking the shot, you probably should. Yes this has been said before, and it’s well wort mentioning again.


  2. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take it right away – you observed an opportunity and know that it is there, waiting. Getting the shot is what’s most important. Walk on past, then stop and summarise all the information you have available, such as the distance to your subject and the available light. 

    Lock focus to roughly the distance that you were from the subject when you passed them and avoid using a wide aperture in order to maximise depth of field. This may require a compromise on shutter speed, so dial up the ISO and stop worrying about noise!

    Now that you know the focus, shutter speed and aperture are set right for the task at hand, relax, walk back, compose and shoot.

    Smile and wave. It will almost definitely be worth it.

    The reaction you will get is not a known, but that’s part of the pay-off.

    Street photography Cape Town

    Strawberry Cheesecake


    Cape town street photography

    Sea Point salon


  3. Night time shooting often solves both your challenges with reflections on glass and indoor lighting.
    Cape Town street photography

    The late night bootlegger

    Reflections can obviously be useful, or even primary elements in street photography. One day I hope to master them and use them skilfully in my compositions.


  4. Imperfecions are perfect.
    Street Photography, Cape Town

    Crack head



    Dinner for one


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